Mady's Isshinryu Chikara Dojo We now have 18 Canadian affiliate schools, for information about affiliation or seminars contact      * Internationally Recognized     * Self - Defense Specialist     * Full Contact Fighter & Trainer     * Hanshi Instructor     * Kata, Kumite and Weapons     * Private and Group Lessons     * Chairman AOKA JR. Board of Directors (Frmr.) Over the years we have had the honor and opportunity to capture many local, national and international martial arts championships. Being well rounded in our training methods has allowed us to compete at a high level in empty hand Kata, Weapons Kata, Point, Full Contact and Kickboxing events. WHY TRAIN WITH HANSHI ALBERT MADY? Hanshi Mady’s school is one of the longest operating schools in the city.  His schools have been in the existence since 1981 and have always enjoyed a great deal of popularity and success.  Part of the reason for this success has been due to his ability to develop excellent students and tournament champions. Albert Mady began his training at the Okinawan Karate School of Windsor under Robert Markovich, who is still a senior instructor at Hanshi Mady’s club.  Albert Mady is the owner and chief instructor.  Shihan Markovich is proficient in the use of short stick and introduces these ideas into hi teaching. As a result The Chikara Dojo is probably the only club in Canada to offer so much knowledge and experience under one roof.  In addition, the club is supported by numerous assistant Black Belt instructors of various ranks. Although the Chikara Dojo offers a challenging program designed to develop fitness, skill, toughness and personal discipline, it is tempered by a friendly atmosphere where everyone is made to feel welcome.  Fair treatment and respect for all ranks is a standard that everyone aspires to. Albert Mady began his career in the Martial Arts at the age of 12 and quickly became one of the leading students at his club.  It soon became clear that he could not remain in the children’s class as he was too strong and aggressive.  He was therefore, transferred to the adult group where he successfully completed against other members who were twice his and size.  It is this perseverance and drive that has helped Albert Mady become a champion, not only in sparring and breaking but also in traditional Kata and weapons competitions.  Shihan Mady has been able to impart this unique blend of toughness and skill to his students and has helped many of them to become champions as well. Not satisfied with his achievements, Hanshi Mady has gone on to expand his knowledge in other disciplines of the Martial Arts.  He had studied with many notable instructors in Judo, Jiujitsu, Arnis, Ruku Kempo, Kyokushin Kai, Toyama-ryu Iaido, along with his own background in competitive wrestling.