Safety Tips

Though you may know about many of the principles before reading this article, a little reinforcement never hurt anyone. It should be noted that those practices many of us refer to as "common sense" are those which are taken for granted the most. In many cases, the victim had he/she though ahead, oversights and ignorance can have serious drawbacks.

The following is a partial list of STREET SAFETY TIPS:

    * Avoid walking alone whenever possible.

    * Avoid unlit areas after dark.

    * Avoid shortcuts after dark.

    * Always be aware of the immediate environment.

    * Walk facing traffic, and on busy streets whenever possible.

    * Be aware of potential hiding spots for attackers.

    * If followed by a car or another pedestrian, be alert and go to a public place for help.

    * Do not walk alone when under medication, after drinking, or in an intense emotional state.

    * Avoid people and places which make you feel uneasy.

    * Do not hesitate to yell for help if confronted.

    * Acquaint and assist children with safety practices.

    * Carry small loads rather than large and hard to handle loads.

    * Keep personal belongings in or near your possession at all times.

    * Keep weapons in readily accessible places and know how to use them if you carry them.

    * Do not keep money and valuables in one place on your person.

    * Be alert when using automatic teller machines.

    * Avoid wearing stereo headphones when walking around.

    * Acquaint yourself with the area before going into it whenever possible.

    * Keep your keys in hand and ready as you approach your car or home.

    * Do not assume that lighted areas, or daytime are inherently safe or that it is less likely to be attacked.

The following is a partial list for VEHICLE SAFETY

    * Don't be searching for your keys, it puts a big target on your back.

    * Inspect the front and back seats of your car before you get in.

    * If you forget to check the back seat & find yourself being choked, turn your head so you can breathe, and drive your key or ice scrapper, comb, pen, pencil, or knuckles into the back of your attacker's hand or the attacker's temple.

    * If someone is in your back seat, drive to a gas station, or police station or better yet get into a deliberate fender bender with someone else. Preferably a big mean looking guy.

    * Don't always park in the same place.

    * Don't park beside a van if possible, you could get dragged inside it.

    * Take a look under your car before getting next to it. Some assailants have hidden underneath and pulled people to the ground when they got close.

    * Fender benders: if you're alone and it's dark, just keep going. Lots of cases of deliberate collisions that are done just to get you out of the car to survey the damage where you are an easier target. Put your flashers on while you drive to somewhere safe if you wish.

    * Someone can jump into your car while you are at a stop sign. Always keep your doors locked. If someone does get it, attack the temple or hand with your keys, ice scrapper, etc. They will approach from your blind spot so you can't see them, so be prepared!

    * Try not to get dragged into the back seat of a car, but if you do, use your back kick and break his knees, get hold of the testicles, twist and squeeze.

    * Never get close to a car that has asked you for directions, shout them from a safe distance, it doesn't matter if they want you to show them directions on a map, just don't do it.

    * Invest in a cellular phone.

    * Place valuables in the trunk while parked and purse on the floor of the passenger side. The window can be broken easily and the items taken.

    * If someone tries to pull you over for no apparent reason saying they are the police by flashing a badge and they are not a police car, go to somewhere safe (attended gas station, police station, etc.) Before pulling over. You can drive there with your flashers on.
Author: Albert Mady

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